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Nov. 21st, 2008 | 05:39 pm
mood: angry
music: stronger; kanye west

(used with object)
to thrust oneself without permission or welcome: to intrude upon their privacy.

i thought i could live a normal life, and do things for myself.
i met many a few willing to help except they lead me astray.
i never thought wrongly of said few but they have lead me to the point where have intruded on my privacy.
they helped me along but more than one should.
i have moments where i don't want to be around this person but then they come out of no where and my loyalty is there.
they abuse this and i feel very very empty. i want to tell this person that they have hurt me.
that they have stepped on my parade. however i am left to say that i don't want to be this person's friend.
i take back all the things i've said, this includes having their backs,
helping them in a tough situtation because i don't want them making my life out of touch. i couldn't sleep because of the bullshit i was fed, i was always anxious and i want to longer include this person amongst my net.
helping me or not you cannot think you are doing me a favor by stepping on my toes and speaking for me.
that makes me feel stupid and then i over think things.
so thank you and stay the hell out of my attemps to make myself happy.
i tried to warn you but you don't listen so now you stay away from me.


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